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Horsham Rural City Council (HRCC)HACCPAC Mobile project

Vada successfully implemented HACCPAC Mobile at HRCC in November 2010 for its Home and Community Care workers and administration staff.

Already HRCC has seen improvements in the time taken to perform manual administrative tasks leading to the provision of more efficient home care services to clients.

Carers are also seeing the benefits of using the latest technology - they are easily able to view rosters, job locations, start/ end times, etc. enabling them to focus on the important task of providing care to their clients.

The Change Management and Process Mapping activities undertaken by Vada as part of the implementation process were considered by HRCC to be a critical factor in the success of the project.

The HACCPAC Mobile solution at HRCC even appeared as a press release in the Wimmera Mail TimesClick here to see the full article

Update August 2011: HACCPAC Mobile at HRCC was featured in the August 2011 edition of the Local Government Focus newspaper Click here to see the online version of the article

City of YarraPayroll integration project

The City of Yarra's fortnightly payroll process involved a high degree of manual intervention and data manipulation so they required a strategy on how best to streamline the process by interfacing HACCPAC with their Accounting system, Chrispay.

Together with Aged Care Services and Payroll staff at the City of Yarra, Vada created the integration strategy and then implemented the recommendations, including the HACCPAC interface and the associated procedures.

The HACCPAC interface has virtually eliminated the manual administrative tasks that were required to process payroll, leading to significant time savings.

The project was considered a success and was a good example of how sound analysis and a well thought-through strategy can lead to more efficient business processes.

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