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The HACCPAC Advantage

HACCPAC has been purpose built and designed specifically for managing community based Aged Care and Home Care services in Australia

HACCPAC is a user friendly, cost effective and flexible application allowing organisations to focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of care delivery, rather than being hindered by time consuming IT and administration tasks.

HACCPAC modules

  • Clients Manages all aspects of client information and incorporates SCTT 2009.
  • Workers Manages details relating to your care providers, for example pay rates, availability and skills.
  • Rosters Contains master, current and future rosters in an easy to manage layout.
  • Reports Provides powerful analysis of your data through standard reports and incorporates MDS version 2.
  • Reports on Demand Information is a key part of running any successful and effective Aged Care service. To complement our suite of standard reports, HACCPAC offers ‘Reports on Demand’. When you are trying to analyse a particular aspect of your care services, Reports on Demand allows you to request customised reports and access them via a user-friendly reports interface.
  • Utilities Allows code sets and other data to be customised by the client.


There are many reasons to use HACCPAC. Here's the latest top 10:

  1. SCTT 2009 and MDS V2.0 Compliant HACCPAC is fully SCTT 2009 and MDS V2 compliant, and will continue to be updated in line with changes to government regulations.
  2. Categories, Codes and Services Customisation HACCPAC includes the ability to create and manage your own internal service codes and categories.
  3. Searching and Reporting HACCPAC includes a suite of standard reports. Ad-hoc searches can also be performed across the database.
  4. Integrated Modules All of HACCPAC’s modules are fully integrated allowing data to be accessed and saved across each module.
  5. Secure Access to Modules and Functions HACCPAC’s Security Feature allows Administrators to assign access to HACCPAC users both at a modular level, and at a functional level.
  6. Electronic Rostering HACCPAC offers the best integrated electronic rostering solutions available. Solutions range from the fully integrated HACCPAC Mobile to phone based or logger solutions.
  7. Integration with Other Systems HACCPAC has been customised to integrate with Payroll and Debtors systems such as Civica, PayGlobal, Technology One, ChrisPay and MYOB. Our Meals module also interfaces with meals menu scanning software.
  8. Google Maps HACCPAC uses Google Maps to display maps and directions to client addresses
  9. Compatible with the latest technology HACCPAC can be run in conjunction with the latest technology, including SQL Server 2005/ 2008, Windows 7 and Office 2007.
  10. Single Source HACCPAC uses a single SQL Server or MS Access database.


This page contains information and downloads for existing HACCPAC and MEALPAC clients. Downloads require a username and password.

HACCPAC and MEALPAC Release Notes

Release notes relating to the latest HACCPAC and MEALPAC updates and enhancements.

Vada PDF Writer

Vada's PDF Writer has been specifically designed to be used with all Haccpac and Mealpac modules that generate report output.

  • Vada PDF Writer Enables reports to be saved as PDF files across all HACCPAC and MEALPAC modules.


HACCPAC help links, demonstrations and documents.

HACCPAC Documents

Relevant government document links.

Fact Sheet

HACCPAC offers a complete information system that satisfies both the 'client' and 'service provider' aspects of HACC service provision.

With HACCPAC you have an easy to use, cost effective and flexible system, allowing you to manage your HACC services with considerable savings, particularly in the areas of rostering and accountability.

HACCPAC offers versatility - use it as a simple recording and rostering system or a self-contained management system, giving you a complete accounting system with General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, and Payroll integrated with the HACCPAC rostering and reporting system.


The standard HACCPAC caters for Home Care, Home Maintenance and linkages.

In addition HACCPAC has integrated accounting and payroll packages.

HACCPAC can also be fully integrated with MEALPAC which provides similar functionality for Meals services.

Information stored by HACCPAC includes:

  • Household and individual client data.
  • Referral, assessment and review.
  • Worker Details.
  • Services Provided - household and individual services.
  • Rosters - Master and Weekly Rosters.

HACCPAC allows you to create you own categories

  • Service types and funding sources e.g. Home Care, RDNS, Podiatry.
  • Details of jobs, e.g. Monitoring, cleaning, shopping.

Reports can be produced from this data to show profiles of usage and other aspects of your service.

Case Management

The case planning utility will assist in allocating services and calculating the cost of the case plan. The case plan can record:

  • Council HACC services to be engaged.
  • Other HACC services to be engaged.
  • Other Aged Services to be engaged.
  • Other Disability services to be engaged.

The case plan and client roster can be printed to take to a review or assessment visit, showing details of all services provided.

Security passwords can be set to safeguard sensitive or confidential information.

Assessments which do not result in a resident coming into the HACC program, yet still constitute a HACC information service, can be recorded.

HACC Service Operations

Queries about workers and clients can be quickly answered. For example:

  • Worker details.
  • Individual and/or team.
  • Type or work.
  • Minimum hours.
  • Pay level.
  • Weekly availability.
  • Weekly worker hours.
  • Master worker hours.

Schedules/Rosters can show up to 99 tasks per day, seven days a week.

Each job is colour coded as:

  • Weekly.
  • Fortnightly.
  • Unproductive visits which are to be charged.
  • Occasional.
  • Vacancy.
  • Cancelled.

Maintain lists of people including those:

  • Waiting for service.
  • Temporarily not needing a service.
  • Due to end soon.
  • Needing a replacement worker when the regular worker is unavailable.

Vacancies can be found from the vacancy report or by using the search facility.

Payroll offers flexibility regarding hours and rates, and can be adapted in line with workplace arrangements. Payroll includes provision for overtime, higher duties and minimum hours.

Payroll and charging information for service users or funding sources is automatically produced from the roster.

Service-User Details

There is scope for your agency to use your own codes in HACCPAC. For example:

  • Referral sources.
  • Support available to Client/Carer.
  • Additional family background and medical information.
  • Particular client requirements for Home Care attention.
  • Home Care tasks agreed to.
  • Income sources.
  • Priority Status: high, medium, low.
  • Review date.

Following Review:

  • Disengaged from service.
  • Service reduced.
  • Service modified.
  • Service maintained.
  • Service increased.


Passwords can be set to safeguard sensitive or confidential information, with different access levels for different staff.

Security levels available are: full read and write access, read only, and no access.


Unlimited notes can be entered from any screen. This supports the move to a paperless office and sharing of information on screen. Passwords prevent unauthorised people reading sensitive information.

In addition, files (e.g. Word documents) can be attached to client and worker notes.

Notes, including any attachments, are compressed and recorded in the HACCPAC database.


Information which is entered for the day-to-day administration of the service is used to automatically produce a number of standard reports. For example:

  • Weekly monitoring of hours, visits and costs. Shows week costs and year to date costs, broken down by services
  • Acquittal information is stored each week to produce the Acquittals Report at the end of the year.

Examples of available reports:

  • MDS version 2.
  • Summary Reports - Weekly, YTD, and average hours and costs.
  • User Characteristics.
  • May and Nov Service Provision.
  • No Growth.
  • Households/ Clients due for review.
  • Referral reports including source, reason and numbers.
  • Services provided.
  • Financial Reports (produced by the integrated accounting system).

As well as pre-designed reports, a variety of other reports can be produced to meet specific requirements using HACCPAC 'Reports on Demand'. These reports can be saved as MS Excel files for further manipulation.  Examples of reports available are:

  • Clients by Age.
  • Evacuation Assistance Report.
  • Worker Training and Skills reports.
  • KMs by Worker.
  • Service Hours by Worker.
  • NRCP SAR Report.

Client System Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP, 7.
  • Pentium III-compatible processor or higher
  • At least 1Gb RAM.
  • Hard disk with at least 1Gb free.

Server System Requirements

  • Application Server - Windows 2000, NT, 2003, 2008 (32 or 64 bit).
  • Database Server - SQL Server 7, 2000, 2005, 2008 (32 or 64 bit).


HACCPAC is issued and installed with:

  • One day personal training for staff.
  • Training manual and exercises.
  • Telephone software support for one full year.
  • Upgrades for one full year.

Additional training can also be arranged.

Manage Home and Community Care with HACCPAC

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The Top 10 reasons to choose HACCPAC

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